Use Life Insurance While You’re Alive!

Most people think Life Insurance is only to pay for final costs like funerals, paying off debt or to leave a chunk of change to their loved ones. Bla bla bla and more responsible boring bla bla!

These are all great reasons to have insurance however lets be real, HUMAN BEINGS are selfish!! So lets talk about YOU!!! Lets talk about how the right policy can make YOUR LIFE better WHILE YOU’RE ALIVE!!!

Here are the top 5 Living Benefits of having a good Life insurance policy:

Reason #1

compound interest

Compound Interest

There is no other place you can put money and almost guarantee a larger interest rate with almost NO risk! The obvious risk is if the company you choose goes out of business so choose wisely. Click here to talk with someone who can help you choose the right company.

Reason #2

cancer highlighted by magnifying glass

Use your death benefit while you’re ALIVE!

Not many people are aware that you can USE portions of YOUR Death Benefit While you’re Alive!! If you have the rite policy you can take withdrawals instead of loans like in the old days! Click here to find out more.

Reason #3

calculator and pencil

Tax Breaks!

Anyone plan on doing well in Business? How about somewhere you can put large sums of money and legally NOT HAVE TO PAY TAX on the interest! Click here if you own a business or plan on starting one.

Reason #4

Medical Bills

If you get sick some companies will allow a qualifying event to trigger a claim. AGAIN use the Death benefit while your clock is still ticking! Now whether or not you pay for the medical treatment, buy a Lamborghini, take a few cruises around the world and knock out that bucket list, is completely up to you. It’s your money you can pay for the best treatment or live it up one last time! Click here to make sure you have enough coverage.

Reason #5

Income for life!

When it is time for you to retire some policy’s will give a distribution option for your accumulated cash value.This means that you can choose how many years you would like to take back your money as income to live on each year. The problem you can run into with that strategy is that you can possibly run out of money if you live longer than the selected time period. There are policy’s that exist where you can purchase a rider that will pay you an income for as long as you live! Click here to find out more or if you’re not sure if your policy has this benefit.